Meso scalp treatment


Meso Scalp Treatment is a scalp treatment that involves a procedure of micro-needling to open up the channel of the roots

so stem cells can be inserted into the scalp directly to promote hair growth and topping off with a Galvanic massage.

resolving thinning hair with meso scalp therapy

Meso scalp therapy treatment has been used with great success in Korea for over a decade to restore volume to thinning hair and to promote significant hair growth for both women and men who have experienced the beginning stages of balding. It is a safe and effective therapy for scalp stimulation and promoting hair regeneration.


  • Hairloss is mostly caused by hormone changes, nutritional imbalance, and poor blood circulation around the hair follicle. It also occurs when the scalp is ridden with DHT(a illness)

  • Meso Scalp Therapy treatment tackles these problems by

  • Deep cleansing the scalp to remove plaque and dead cells

  • Using a DHT blocker application on the scalp to clear it as much as possible

  • Stimulate the scalp using micro-needling and stem cells

  • Using Laser Therapy to strength hair follicles

key advantage

  • Regulate scalp sebum

  • Strengthen hair follicles

  • Activate scalp skin for a better absorption rate

  • Improve scalp blood circulation

  • Increase oxygen flow to the hair follicles

  • Prevent deterioration of hair follicles

  • Repair damaged and dormant hair follicles

  • Restore hair elasticity and shine

  • Encourage the hair’s natural regeneration

  • Promote hair volume and hair growth

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