hair loss diagnosis

Follicle trichologists perform a detailed analysis of hair strands. Samples are sent to partner labs for mineral tests and toxic elements screening called the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Test.

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hair loss treatment

Follicle takes a scientific approach to hair loss and hair care. Signature services include the custom blended ampoule hair wash, laser hair regrowth and meso stem cell scalp care.

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The science behind Follicle


Follicle's Hair Loss System


Our 5-in-1 method for hair loss treatment

  • Medicines: Finasteride / MINOXIDIL / propecia
  • Medical-grade hair supplement Viviscal
  • Korean Meso-therapy 아쿠아필(비타민관리)
  • Pure oxygen scaling therapy 퓨어 산소 스케일
  • Hair transplantation



Hair loss needs to be treated by scientific programs according to precise and systematic diagnosis because it progresses in various forms due to many complex causes. Many factors come into effect in hair loss, and progress varies in many different aspects. Male pattern hair loss can occur in both men and women due to different environmental factors such as stress and poor life styles, in addition to basic factors such as male hormones, genetics, and aging.


Growth Cycle of Hair

Hair under normal conditions repeats the cycle of 5-6 years of growth phase, 2-3 weeks of regressing phase, about 3 months of resting phase and falling out and re-growth. More than 85% of all hair is in the growth phase, and it is normal to have less than 15% of hair that is in the resting or regressing phases. However, once hair loss starts to progress, hair in growth phase will rapidly turn into resting phase, increasing the proportion of hair in resting phase.


KOREAN DISCOVERY : Mechanism in Hair Loss

Increase Hair Growth & Strength


In the cells of hair loss areas, DHT, promoted by Sα-R enzyme in the cell, delivers specific genetic information to the cell. Hair loss inducers that have been activated by genetics will inhibit protein synthesis and induce apoptosis of hair follicle cells, turning the hair into resting phase from growth phase.

Our treatments counter this by using Korean Scalp Stimulation combined with a custom ampoule blend of STEMCELL solution proven to reduce hair loss, combat hair thinning and promote a healthier scalp.



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