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Tjin Lee’s Beauty Black Book

The entrepreneur, social activist, tastemaker, wife, and mother to two beautiful boys shares with Annie Tan her secret beauty weapon, Follicle by Cambridge Therapeutics.

If there is one woman who embodies effortless beauty, it is Tjin Lee. On any given day, the multihyphenate is seen zipping around town, shaping trends and bettering the world. Tjin not only helms several successful businesses, she is also the co‑founder of Crib, a Singapore‑based social enterprise dedicated to supporting female entrepreneurs.

“After I had my first son Tyler, I had the opportunity to interact with more mothers and discovered that many of them were frustrated about having to choose between working full-time, or not working at all. The issue of work-life balance strikes a chord with many mothers and women. I wanted to share that there was a path in-between and help women realise that we can be a community. We can connect and learn from one another, and be open to empowerment through entrepreneurship,” she shares.

When Tjin is not busy empowering women, she loves spending time with her two sons, Tyler and Jake. “I shape my day around my sons and spend either mornings or evenings with them. I also look forward to afternoons when I am able to get off early and take them to the gardens, or to ride the tram or cable car in Sentosa. I believe the best enrichment a child can have is from seeing the world and having meaningful experiences,” enthuses the dedicated mother.

With numerous passions and callings, Tjin has little more than 20 minutes for grooming each morning—no mean feat considering the number of important meetings, designer launches and gala dinners she attends. Sometimes, she has up to 12 high‑profile events in a single month. Yet, Tjin always looks on pointe. The stylish, elegant and ever-gracious tastemaker shares her best‑kept secrets.

Commit To A Fuss-Free Daily Regime

“My beauty philosophy is: less is more. I believe in sticking to one or two beauty brands, as the products are designed to be complementary when used together. I prep and moisturise with Clé de Peau Beauté products, and apply long-lasting make‑up that doesn’t require touch-ups. I also love red lips!”

Support Local Brands
“I’d describe my style as modern classic. Some of my favourite designers at the moment are Whole9Yards, The Missing Piece, Aijek, Stolen and Lai Chan. It’s more personal to buy a piece from a designer you’ve met in person, and spread the love for our homegrown talent. If one is in the position to support the local industry, why not?”

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A Thing Of Beauty

When it comes to event prep, Tjin Lee swears by Follicle, a one-stop hair sanctuary by Cambridge Therapeutics. “I simply save 90min at the end of the work day for that much-needed hair and beauty fix. I usually take a power nap during the hair wash, and leave Follicle feeling incredibly refreshed and ready to take on the night!” she says. She shares her top three beauty must-haves.

Custom-blended Hair Wash

This interactive hair experience includes a soporific scalp massage with a special blend of ampoules as well as a steam treatment and hair wash for glossy head-turning tresses. “My favourite part of the treatment is the amazing head massage! I’d recommend this after a stressful day or right before a big event,” says Tjin.

Natural Ombre Protective Hair Colouring

This state-of-the-art treatment simultaneously colours, protects and keeps your hair in optimal shape. “It instantly adds colour, movement and shine to otherwise drab locks, and it gets better with time. My last session was two months ago, and the colour is still fading beautifully into the shade of pale ash blonde I was hoping for. I am thinking of going ash grey next,” shares Tjin.

Make-up By Cecilia Chng

With 20 years of experience, veteran make‑up artist, Cecilia Chng has worked with countless celebrities and personalities. “I trust Cecilia and usually leave her to pick the best colours for me. She is an expert at hiding any signs of fatigue, which is sometimes what I need as a busy working mum going straight from my everyday duties to a glamorous party,” says Tjin.



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