Sometimes, you may feel that your hair is growing too slow or the thinning is too obvious. You wish to have a fuller head of hair where you can try out all sorts of hairstyles without worrying about flat hair. Our trichologist in Singapore has a quick and easy solution: hair extensions! Here are some of the types of hair extensions you can try to jazz up your style. It is your life hack to gorgeous hair.

Temporary Hair Extensions

Clip-on Extensions

If you want to change up your hair style for a special occasion, you can try clip-on hair extensions. These extensions are just meant to be worn for a day and removed after the occasion. They are easy to wear; your hair stylist will find the right spot and simply clip the hair pieces in. It is a quick, simple way to get a fuller head of hair where you can style it as you please. Even you can do it too with enough practise. They will not damage your hair as it does not involve any form of chemicals. And after your day is done, you can simply unclip the extensions and save them for your next event.

Semi-Permanent Hair Extensions

Glue-on Extensions

Glue-on hair wefts are hairpieces that are glued to your hair, just below the roots. Unlike the clip on extensions, glue on extensions need a bit more preparation and you need a hair stylist to apply them.

You need to ensure that your hair is washed and free from excess oil and moisture. Glue is applied onto the hair weft first and applied on the hair. The hair weft is then blow dried on the hottest setting so that the glue can stick better to the hair. After the whole process is done you may need to take note of after care instructions such as preventing your hair from getting too oily. You may also need to watch out for any allergic reactions. When you want to remove your extensions, you or your hair stylist need to apply an oil-based solvent to dissolve the glue. Typically, glue on extensions lasts for about four to eight weeks  before they need to be realigned.

Tape-on Extensions

Tape-on extensions are similar to glue ons except, instead of using glue, these use medical grade adhesives. It is the same type of adhesive used for closing open wounds on the skin. Instead of sticking on one hair layer, the hair stylist will stick two, one on top and another below with your natural hair sandwiched in between. The after care instructions are similar to the glue in extensions: you need to prevent your hair from getting too oily. Furthermore, you may need to sleep in a loose ponytail to prevent the extensions from getting too tangled. They last for about six to eight weeks depending on how fast your hair grows out.

Micro Ring Extensions

If you want chemical-free, semi-permanent hair extensions, you can do micro ring extensions. These extensions uses tiny aluminium rings that are lined with silicone to clamp onto the natural hair. They use neither glue nor adhesives and are least likely to cause an allergic reaction. They are attached to small bunches of natural hair and secured with pliers. Like other hair extensions proper care must be taken to avoid the hair from getting pulled apart and getting the hair too oily. They can last around four to six months depending on how fast your hair grows. Micro ring extensions may not be suitable for those with very short hair as the micro rings will be exposed. Also, if your hair is too brittle, the hair being held by the micro rings may break.

Hairdreams Extensions

We offer the Hairdreams hair extensions as a long lasting, painless way to increase the length and volume of the hair. Our extensions are bonded with the natural hair with a keratin-like substance. Since the hair is largely made out of keratin protein, they are highly unlikely to cause an allergic reaction nor damage the hair. Application is easy and fast where it can take just about an hour to do up the whole head. They are almost invisible and light which makes it feel its natural. You can shower and even swim with these extensions. Removing them is also as easy as your hair stylist will spray on a solvent to the dissolve the bonds. It can last for about six months to a year depending on well they are taken care of.

These are the different types of hair extensions you can try out. One thing to note is that to make sure that the hair extensions are made from real human hair. This will give it a natural look that no one will know that you are wearing extensions. Whether you want to try something different just for a day or you cannot wait to grow out your hair, there is something for everyone. If you are interested in doing the Hairdreams extension, contact us for more enquiries.


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