Everybody wants perfectly shaped eyebrows to complement their look. They add personality and frame up the face nicely. However, some people may experience thinning eyebrows to the point where they are almost unnoticeable. Here are the reasons why your eyebrows could be losing hair and how you can get fuller ones with eyebrow embroidery, ombre fill and other beauty tips.

But First, Why Do our Eyebrows Thin?


Many trichologists in Singapore say like that as you get older, the same hair thinning effects on your head can occur on your eyebrows. Commonly for women, this is a symptom of menopause. During menopause, there are lower levels of estrogen whereas there are higher levels of dihydrotesterone, male hormone that is responsible for shrinking of hair follicles and hair loss. This leads to more eyebrow hair to fall and grow back thinner. Furthermore, greying occurs on the eyebrow as, like the hair on the scalp, there would be lesser melanin produced as you get older.

Too Much Plucking and Grooming

If you have been constantly plucking, threading or waxing your eyebrows, it can explain why they are thinning. Some people may pluck their eyebrows to keep them in shape, whereas some enjoy the plucking sensation. However, the constant plucking weaken roots due to the trauma exerted on them. This is leads to weaker roots where the eyebrow hair grows thinner. Coupled together with the effects of age, the eyebrows may become extremely thin and may stop growing.

How to Manage Thinning Eyebrows

Eyebrow Embroidery

Eyebrow embroidery is a process using multiple tiny needles to draw out fine lines on your eyebrow to mimic hair. It works like a semi-permanent tattoo; the needles will inject pigment into your skin and will not get washed away. The result is a set of natural-looking eyebrows that last for around two to three years.

Before starting on the procedure, your brow artist will draw out the shape of how your eyebrows would look like. Once you are satisfied with the shape, he/she will apply some numbing cream onto your eyebrows so that you will not feel a thing. Next, tiny cuts are made on the skin where the pigment is injected at the same time. The process can take around two hours.

Since these are cuts made on the skin, care must be taken to ensure that they do not get infected. Try not to get your eyebrows too wet nor apply makeup on the area. Depending on the advice, you may given anti-bacterial creams for your eyebrows. It can take up to two weeks for the cuts to heal.

Ombre Filling

Ombre filling is similar to eyebrow embroidery except that, instead by drawing out strand by strand, it is colouring the eyebrow with pigment. And like the embroidery pigment, it can last for about two to three years. It has a bit of a colour gradient where it gets darker towards the tails of the eyebrows.This give the eyebrows a much more fuller look where some people call it the permanent eyebrow makeup

This procedure is similar to embroidery. Your brow artist will draw out your eyebrows first and see if you are satisfied with the shape. You will also check if the colours picked is suitable for your skin tone. Once you are ready, numbing cream will be used so that you will not feel a thing. Then, needles will inject pigment into the skin via numerous tiny dots (they will look like a solid colour from afar). The process is relatively quicker as compared to microblading.

Again, as this process is like making cuts onto the skin, you need to have proper aftercare for your eyebrows. Follow the advice from your brow artist to ensure that your eyebrows do not get infected with bacteria. It will take around two to three weeks for the eyebrows to heal.

Proper Makeup Techniques

You can keep the thinning at bay by following these simple beauty tips.Try to keep plucking to a minimum as you would not want to aggravate the thinning. Use a razor or scissors to shape your eyebrows instead as it is a quick way to get the perfect shape without damaging the hair follicles. If you need to pluck or wax, do it only for special occasions. You can also try using an eyebrow embroidery pen to give a more natural look without the heavy makeup.

Having a full and thick eyebrows can make a huge difference to your look. If you have thinning eyebrows, do not fret. Contact us here for an appointment and our talented brow artist will offer your the best solution to your needs.


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