Follicle Hair Media Coverage

  • Basic Hair Care to Stop Hair Loss

    You might think something like washing your hair is a simple task that anyone can do it without much thought. However, such impr

    • Different Types of Hair Extensions

      Sometimes, you may feel that your hair is growing too slow or the thinning is too obvious. You wish to have a fuller head of hai

      • Nutrients You Need for Healthy Hair

        If you notice that your hair has lost its lustre, you may blame it on the environment or stress but your health may be the culpr

        • Beauty Tips for Eyebrow Hair Loss

            Everybody wants perfectly shaped eyebrows to complement their look. They add personality and frame up the face nicely. However

          • 7 Secrets to Rid of Greasy Follicle Hair

            What causes one to have oily scalp and greasy follicle hair? Ever find your hair getting greasy even only through mid-day and ha

            • Natural Remedies for Greying Hair

              As we age, our hair turns to gray or white. While this is a normal, natural process, many people are looking for solutions that

              • Hair Transplantation as a Permanent Solution for Hair Loss

                Many candidates for hair transplantation remember a time when hair plugs were the state of the art. These tended to blend poorly

                • Itchy and Irritated Scalp - The Most Common Causes

                  Air Conditioning And Heating Most of us can’t imagine a life without air conditioning or central heating, and most of us spend q

                  • How To Prevent Hair Loss Naturally

                    The head is the only part of our bodies where we don’t mind experiencing excess hair growth. In fact, this is the place where we

                    • Hair Loss Event 2018

                      There are many variations of passages of Lorem Ipsum available, but the majority have suffered alteration in some form, by injec

                      • The Keys to Hair Health

                            “ “Our treatments and choice of products are not just safe but encourage hair regrowth. This gives our clients the peace of

                        • How To Keep Your Hair On By Cheah Ui-Hoon, Business Times Singapore

                          “ Younger men and women are taking steps to prevent hair loss as modern day stress takes its toll. Cheah Ui-Hoon checks out new

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