How to Stop Hair loss?

Korean stem Cell Hair Therapy


What are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are master cells that are able to change into specialised cells such as new hair cells. Stem cells are basic building blocks and form the foundation of every organ and tissue in your body. Stem cell technology is well researched and has shown great success in the treatment of many diseases as well as in applications for hair regrowth.

What is Korean Stem Cell Hair Therapy?

Korean Stem Cell Hair Therapy uses a Korean Dermatology protocol to infuse stem cell technology into the scalp. It is a scalp therapy for follicle stimulation and regeneration of hair loss. It is very effective in reducing hair thinning and hair fall.


What kind of stem cells are used?

The stem cells used are medical-grade growth factors that will re-activate passive hair follicles and convert cells in the resting phase to the growing phase.

What is the treatment like?

The treatment is painless and relaxing. You will be seated comfortably in a reclining chair while the trichologist is doing the therapy.

This treatment takes just 45mins and includes a complimentary scalp diagnosis with FREE blow dry with hair styling.


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