Kerabond Volumizing Rebond

Kerabond is the latest hair straightening system formulated by scientific experts. It is a natural organic treatment that straightens, shines & promotes hair growth for up to 3 months.

The formula uses all natural organic ingredients like aloe vera to promote hair growth, jojoba oil for moisturizing and green tea for cleansing, violet flower and more...


Not just a hair straightener, KERABOND is a full-on nutritional supplement for your hair.

Kerabond Benefits

Kerabond Benefits

✓ Safe and Natural

Aloe Vera Base Formula - Kerabond contains ingredients that are completely ORGANIC, Eco-friendly and of Botanical grade.


✓ No Strong Odour

ZERO Sulfate, Formaldehyde & Parabens - Unlike regular keratin treatments, the new KERABOND does not cause nasty fumes. It is environmentally friendly and has no strong odour.


✓ Fast Treatment

NEW Bio-Polymer Formulation KERABOND treatment is completed in under 2 hours, unlike regular treatments that can take up to 4 hours. This means your hair is done in 1/2 the usual time!


✓ Volumizing

KERABOND not only straightens your hair, it also promotes hair growth and hair thickening. As it restores frizzy, aggressive curls, it also heals damaged hair. The end result is a volumizing rebond that looks lush and healthy.


Before and After

See the Results!

Kerabond Before After 1

Kerabond Before After 2

Kerabond Before After 3




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