Grey Hair Defy

What is Grey Hair Defy?

Grey Hair Defy is a result of 20years of Research on Cytokines and cell-to-cell communication signals. This R&D work is recognised by the Korean Government with an award for Bio Technology excellence.

Since then, this technology has accumulated 15 years of clinical experience and is used by 15 countries in the world.

Grey Hair Defy Certificate


Grey Hair Defy not only naturally darkens your hair, it is also proven to encourage hair regrowth and promote hair thickening.

How does Grey Hair Defy solution compare to minoxidil?

When studied in comparison with US FDA approved hair growth medications, KFDA found that cytokine formulations surpass 40% of Anagen extension, 50% of Telogen suppression, with significantly higher effective rates.

Grey Hair Defy Benefits



What are the benefits?

Cytokine therapy is proven to increase Melanin production and hence give a natural hair darkening effect. Grey Hair Defy is a patented formulation that contains Botanical Stem Cells harvested using bio technology. The therapy increases blood circulation and has shown strong anti-inflammatory benefits.

It contains more than 150 active ingredients such as complex multiple anti-oxidants, essential vitamins, amino acids, collagen and cell growth stimulating growth factors.

Grey Hair Defy uses ampoules that contain 3 major DHT blockers which have no long-term side effects to male and female health.


Grey Hair Defy Benefits

Benefits at a glance

  • Suppression of DHT (5αR1)
  • Promotes Keratinocyte differentiation (TGF-β2 & β1 inhibition)
  • Strengthen hair root and hair sheaths (β1-normalization)
  • Prevention of blood vessel narrowing, improved blood circulation & nutrition supply
  • Activate hair papilla and connective follicular tissues
  • Eliminate scalp residues
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Restore hair cuticle damage
  • Antioxidants normalize sebum secretion


Micro RF Matrix Delivery System

Grey Hair Defy uses medical-grade RF HAIR technology to deliver the solution effectively into the scalp. This state of the art device by Inogen Technologies (Israel) is the 1st in the world to harness the uses of RadioFrequency for non-ablative drug-free delivery into the scalp.



How does Grey Hair Defy Treatment compare with alternative hair loss therapies?


Aside from being pain-less, Grey Hair Defy is completely SAFE. It is also drug-free and causes no harm to male and females. Its efficacy is well researched and proven to promote hair thickening, prevent hair loss and induce hair darkening. All this makes Grey Hair Defy a superior and highly beneficial hair regrowth therapy.


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