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What is Demodex?

Demodex is a microscopic hair mite that resides in all human beings. In the past, Demodex hair mites were considered to have a commensal relationship with their host - meaning that they live harmlessly in our hair and on our skin, feeding on oils, hormones and oils. In ecology, a commensal relationship refers to one where one organism benefits from the other without affecting it.


Demodex Follicle Hair Singapore

Demodex Hair Mites are Parasites

It is now believed that Demodex hair mites have in fact a parasitic relationship with humans and when the population of these mites increases it results in a condition known as Demodicosis or Demodex hair mite bite.

Infestation of Demodex hair mites are relatively common and may go unobserved without adverse symptoms. However, in certain people, an overgrowth of Demodex hair mites cause a harmful imbalance that leads to scalp problems and even skin diseases. Premature hair loss for example can be linked to excessive Demodex Folliculorum activity.

What are symptoms of a Demodex Infestation?

Follicle’s Demotox™ Control  Treatment is specifically designed to combat infestation of Demodex in hair follicles. Typical symptoms include hair loss, hair thinning, scalp irritation and itchy scalp.

  • Itchy scalp
  • Scalp inflammation
  • Dry alopecia and thickened rough scalp
  • Red pustules and scalp wrinkles (severe cases)
  • Hair thinning / Hair fall / Hair loss
  • Eczema and Rosacea like symptoms


How do Demodex mites destroy our hair roots?

Demodex destroy hair root

Demodex hair mites attach themselves to hair follicles where they feast on nutrients and skin cells at the root of the hair shaft. When there is an infestation, the hair root is unable to replenish itself and grow healthily. As the health of the follicle declines, surrounding tissue gets inflamed and infected. The scalp starts to feel rough and scaly. As the hair root gets destroyed it ultimately leads to hair loss.


Is there a test for Demodex Mites?

To determine whether or not there is an infestation, our trichologist will perform a Demodex Screening Test. As Demodex hair mites are microscopic, they are invisible to the naked eye. The Demodex Screening Test requires taking a hair sample and transferring the sample onto a slide that is analysed by our trichologist.  Results are available in 20 mins.

demodex screening test

If the screen test is negative, this eliminates the need for Demodex Control Treatment. If the screen test confirms an overgrowth of Demodex mites, then a Demotox™ Control treatment plan is suggested.


It is recommended for people with demodicosis to first be treated for Demodex infestation before starting on any other hair loss therapy. This is because the mites feast on nutrients and growth factor serums before scalp treatments can give any benefits.

demodex screening test


How to treat a Demodex Infestation?

Follicle's Demotox™ Control Treament Program takes 3 months to complete. From the 1st treatment, the patient will experience scalp relief, and lesser hair fall. As the program continues, there will be regular monitoring of Demodex mites. Within a month, hair thinning and hair loss due to Demodex will be controlled and the patient will feel that the scalp is healthier and soothed.

We recommend the use of Demotox™ home-care products on alternate days throughout the program to ensure that the mites remain under control.



What does a Demodex hair mite look like?


Demodex mite looks like

Demodex is a genus of tiny microscopic mites that live in or near hair follicles of humans. Each mite has a semi-transparent body shaped like a grain of rice, with 2 body segments. In the upper segment, it has 8 short legs and a mouth with tiny pin-like parts for eating skin cells and oils in hair follicles. At night, the mites can leave the hair follicles and walk around the skin. Demodex mites are able to transfer from host to host through contact with hair or sharing of items such as towels and pillows.


Who is more susceptible to a Demodex Infestation?

  • Older people (67% of elderly people)
  • Young children (33% of young children)
  • People that are immunocompromised or with weak health
  • People experiencing stress
  • People with poor diets

Demodex Infestation

Why do we need to control Demodex Mite Infestation?

Demodex can lead to serious problems such as hair loss, hair thinning and destruction of hair follicles. It can also cause itching, follicle inflammation, formation of pustules and dry, scaly scalps. The mites affect the skin as well, causing red pustular lesions around the cheeks and eyelids.

They spread from person to person via contact and the sharing of personal items.




Tips for those diagnosed with Demodex

  • Refrain from sharing pillows. Change your pillow case and bedsheets frequently
  • Purchase new makeup and clean your make-up brushes
  • Have your spouse screened for Demodex. If the screen test is positive then both your spouse and you need to be treated.
  • If you keep pets, we recommend having them screened for Demodex mites too
  • Follow a treatment program to get keep the Demodex infestation under control
  • Use Demotox™ home-care products to keep the Demodex mites under control

Clinical photos of Demodex Symptoms


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